Wednesday, April 28

Demon with Cake Marionette

Marionettes are much easier to construct the second time around! He is made entirely out of paperclay and string (and some super glue here and there).
He can walk, has full movement in his arms, collapsible chest, and has a moving jaw! Delicious fake cake is glued to his hand and he can pretend to eat it :D!

Tuesday, April 13

Harpy Marionette

This was a nightmare to construct. I was pretty much making things up as I went along... bad idea. The wings originally had a wire frame inside, which was too heavy so I substituted with a sturdy cardboard with fabric hinges, but then they folded weird when I attached the string so I took out the support altogether. Now they bend pretty much wherever they feel like it. I can't even say how long it took to figure out the feathers. I eventually settled on just hot gluing them on, which seems to work but they don't always stay flat. The legs were resculpted twice because there were issues with the knee and ankle hinges that made the entire thing way too wobbly.

Despite this taking twice as much time as it should have to be completed, I'm mostly happy with the final result. Originally I planned on having feathers covering her neck but they wouldn't stay flat and I didn't want her to be too fluffy.

She's made of paperclay, cardboard, fabric, feathers, and string. She can run and flap awkwardly at you. Kind of like an angry goose! Its cute.