Tuesday, February 16

aesop's fable

A Vixen who was taking her babies out for an airing one balmy morning, came across a Lioness, with her cub in arms. "Why such airs, haughty dame, over one solitary cub?" sneered the Vixen. "Look at my healthy and numerous litter here, and imagine, if you are able, how a proud mother should feel." The Lioness gave her a squelching look, and lifting up her nose, walked away, saying calmly, "Yes, just look at that beautiful collection. What are they? Foxes! I've only one, but remember, that one is a Lion. Quality is better than quantity."

Messing around with mixed media. Color and I have a love-hate relationship.

Friday, February 12


Presenting Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf!
These are two hand puppets I crafted using paperclay and fabric. They are entirely hand sewn with the exception of the base glove shape.

Thursday, February 4

Its been a while (a year?) since the last update. I have a website now, so a lot of my work can be seen there... but I'll post some new work here soon with sketches and maybe some process shots. I've got quite a few projects planned out, its all a matter of finally getting them done.

Here's self portrait I did a couple weeks back for the sake of painting something in photoshop. Its been a while, most of my work is traditional these days.